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Young is a native of Texas. He started taking music lessons at eight years old, initially on the piano but subsequently took up the flute. He is an adept musician with various skills including as a keyboardist, arranger, musical director, percussionist, producer, song writer, woodwind instrumentalist and vocalist.

Young earned his BA in Music from Texas Southern University in 1978 and later pursued a Masters at Washington State University, which he completed in 1983.

Young is college professor/ music teacher, having taught music courses at various institutions including the Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Washington State University at Sonoma, Mason Gross School of Music, Rutgers University, Douglas MacArthur High School and Houston Community College, Central Campus. He was formerly a visiting professor at Washington State University where his teaching focus was on jazz studies.

He also directs the Texas Southern University Jazz Ensemble.

Young has also done private tutoring in music in various U.S. cities including Houston, Pullman, Washington, Santa Rosa (California) and Englewood (New Jersey). In 1997 he developed his own record label, which he still operates.[2] Young has performed for various events throughout the world including in Hamburg (Germany), London and Seattle.[5]