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(saxofonist, arranger, composer, teacher, artistic leader)

Frank Vaganée was born on March 19, 1966 in Mechelen Belgium.
He received a classical education at the Conservatory of Mechelen and the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (1974-1985).
Frank got improvisation lessons of American jazz saxophonist John Ruocco at the Antwerp Jazz Studio (1983-1986) and studied composition and arranging techniques at the Musikhochshule in Cologne with Bob Brookmeyer (1993-1995).
He moved in 1998 to New York to study overthere.
Since 1983 Frank leads his own bands and composes for large and small orchestras.
He worked freelance with the BRT Jazz Orchestra and BRT Big Band. (Belgian Radio and Television) (1986-1991)
Frank was a member of "The Timeless Orchestra" from the Netherlands which he toured throughout Europe and Japan. (1989-1993)
He represented Belgium in 1989 in the EBU-big band (European Broadcasting Union) in Lignano Sabbiadoro (I).
In 1991 Frank was elected by the Belgian Jazz Press as greatest jazz talent.
In 1993 he won the "CERA Youth and Music Prize".
In 1994 he won together with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra the "Prix Nicolas d'Or".
In 2001, Frank won the prize "Django d'Or".
In 2006, Frank won together with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra  the "Flemish Culture Prize".
In 2011 he won the "Jazzmozaïk Award".
Frank is since April 1, 2011 for two years appointed as City Artist of his city Mechelen.
In this capacity, he realized numerous projects in his hometown including; A jazz oratorio "Say, sing it, this city are we" in collaboration with poet Roger De Neef, due to the Newtopia festival, "The end of the world" a play in collaboration with theater ' t Arsenaal, "Serendipity" a musical score in addition to the exhibition of artist painter Beniti Cornelis. Compositions for the Mechelen carillon, "Scattered Rhymes" a project in collaboration with Zefiro Torna, numerous workshops in collaboration with the Municipal conservatory.
In 2012 he won with the BJO an Oscar for "Best original film score" for their cooperation in the realization of the soundtrack for the film "The Artist"

Frank has since its founding artistic director of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra ( and freelance work in many other bands.

Frank has collaborated in the making of the book "Toots 90", the program "Jazz Middelheim" (summer 2012) and numerous articles in the Belgian press and jazz press.

Frank Vaganée taught from 1987 to 1990 at the Jazz Studio (vzw Halewijn Foundation) in Antwerp.
From 1992 to 1994 he teaches jazz saxophone at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam
From 1993-2004 teaches saxophone and jazz ensemble playing at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent.
From 1993 until now teaches saxophone jazz, ensemble playing, and big band arrangement at the LUCA School of arts department Lemmens Institute in Leuven.
He gives numerous workshops and master classes.

Discografie: (most relevant selection):

1991: Picture a View
              Frank Vaganée Quintet
 BSharp records
1991: Songs for Mbizo
              Chris Joris
1993: Introducing
              Del Ferro/Vaganée Group
 Hillstreet records
1996: Live!
              Del Ferro/Vaganée Group
1996: A Live Act  
              Act Big Band
 Igloo records
1997: Live!
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra
 Coda records
1999: Two Trios
               Frank Vaganée Trio feat. John Ruocco
 WERF records
1999: The September Sessions
               Brussels Jazz Orchestra
 WERF records
2002: The Music of Bert Joris
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra
 WERF records
2002: Tumbuctu
               Nathalie Loriers Trio + Extensions
 WERF records
2003: Naked in the Cosmos
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Kenny Werner
 Inpulz records
2005: Meeting Colours
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Philip Catherine
 Dreyfuss records
2006: Countermove
              Brussels Jazz orchestra
 WERF records
2006: Dangerous Liaison
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Filharmonie
 Talent records
2007: Eight Ball & White Horse
              Florian Ross Octet
2007: Changing Faces
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/ David Linx
 O+ records
2007: Yellow Sounds and other colours
 WERF records
2008: The music of Michel Herr
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra
 WERF records
2008: Ten years ago
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/ Richard Galliano
 Milan records
2008: Jazzolympics
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/David Linx
2009: Creating Chances
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Brussels Philharmonic
              Nationale Loterij
2010: Mama Africa
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra & Tutu Puoane
 Saphrane records
2010: Vliegen tot de Hemel
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Michael De Cock
2010: Signs & Signatures
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Bert Joris
 WERF records
2010: Marie’s Momentum
              The New Chris Joris Experience
 WERF records
2011: Institute of Higher Learning
          Brussels Jazz Orchestra ft Kenny Werner
          HalfNote Records
2011: Het einde van de wereld
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Michael De Cock
2011: Guided dream
              Brussels Jazz Orchestra/Dave Liebman
 Prova records
2012: A Different Porgy, another Bess
          Brussels Jazz Orchestra
          Naive records
2012: Steven Delannoye New York Trio ft Frank Vaganée
          Jazz Inside records
2012: Happy Notes!
          Del Ferro – Vaganée Group
          WERF records
2013: BJO’s Finest
          Brussels Jazz Orchestra
          Saphrane Records NL
2013: Wild Beauty
          Brussels Jazz Orchestra ft Joe Lovano
          HalfNote Records
2013: “Scattered Rhymes”
          Frank Vaganée & Zefiro Torna
2013: Serendipity
          Frank Vaganée – Beniti Cornelis
2013: Big Company
          Florian Ross Big Band